Saturday, 5 March 2011


This past year ive been working on a few short film scripts of my own and callobarating with various writers from both the UK and Worldwide. My aim is to take these short scripts, then film, direct, edit and produce the story and put it on the screen. The films will then be entered into various film festivals and competitions around the world.

In the world of film now its not just the big companies that take charge, small independant film makers can also make their mark, a few films ive worked on recently were shot for a budget of less than a £1000.00.

The low budget can be achieved as I have my own kit and calloborate with the actors, writers and musicians to get the stories made and promote everyone's talents.

The main cost is time which i myself donate for free in order to get the films off teh ground and make a success. Any monies made from film competitions or festivals will be distributed amongst all involved.

If anyone has any short scripts or ideas they would like me to look at, please email me the details to

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