Friday, 11 July 2014

I recently filmed and photographed a section of stage 2 of the Tour De France on Sunday 6th July 2014 as they crossed Woodhead Reservoir on the Woodhead Pass.

Below is Marcel Kittel in the Yellow Jersey and just in front of him is Tom Veeler.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Damage Limitation

Im just in the final process of getting ready to film Damage Limitation
by Alison Lang.

This is a political romance story about an MP called Sir John and his long term lover Emma, who now realises he has no intention of ever leaving his wife, add to this the new tyounger secretary Melanie and Emma realises Johns eyes are wandering again.

Ive got 3 brilliant actors to star in this film. Charlotte who played Louise in A State of Heart will be playing Emma along with Jeremy Ryecroft playingSir John who has acted as Charlotte's Husband before in a version of Romeo and Juliet, so the chemistry will be perfect and introducing Sarah Gilby who will play Melanie.

Im just trying ot pin down an office location - if anyone has such a place let me know.
Filming should begin in the next couple of months once all cast members are available on the same day. This is a short film and will take just a day to film the dialogue scenes.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hi Mark Just to say a big thankyou for your work on MPower.
Always a pleasure working with you, not to mention you provide great results,
bit of a win win. Rachel (

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A State of Heart

This is my first film since 1991 and was filmed on a single camera in standadrd definition using multiple takes to create the various angles.

Editing was done using adode premiere version 6.5, which is about 15 years old as i wanted to show what can be done on old kit. The final film was then colour graded in after effects cs6 to give the film look.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A State of Heart - The Trailer

A State of Heart - The Trailer

The above is the link to the trailer of our new short film A State of Heart which was written by myself, Mark Eckersley and Paul Stoddard and produced with the help of Jenny Wyatt.

We started making the film almost a year ago and due to other projects its taken until now to almost have the film completed - the entire running time is just under 17 mins. The whole film was shot on a single camera using multiple takes in Standard Definition and then edited and colour graded in an old version of Premiere 6.5 and the visual effects applied in After Effects courtesy of Action Essentials from Video CoPilot - I wanted to show people what can be achieved without using the latest technology.

The total cost of making this film is around £100.00 but this doesnt take into account the time ive spent in Post Production and on set, it just covers food, fuel, tapes, etc.

The music is all copyright free from either AKM Music in the UK or Video Copilot in the US.

This is my first short film in over 17 years and the last time i made and edited a short film it was all manual editing and tape to tape - digital editing gives you the power of the big players.

For a short film we have crammed a lot of scenes and actors into the story, which is one of the reasons its took so long to create - 6 days of filming and over 2 full weeks of editing.

The cast is as follows:
Paul Stoddard
Charlotte Smith
Amy Berry
Sean Falvey
Joe Falvey
Nat Whiles
Jordan Stoddard
Ashley Pitt
Jenny Wyatt
Jeni O'Callaghan
Nick Webb
Cerys Eckersley
Mark Eckersley

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A State of Heart - the Park Scene

A State of Heart - the Park Scene
Filmed in May 2012 - first day of shooting

Here is the link to the actual film clip showing the scene and below
there are some stills of the actual shoot.

Charlotte & Amy being filmed - Sean on reflector

 This is part of a series of clips I'm putting on youtube of a forthcoming film I'm making called "A State of Heart".This scene is between Louise and Marie, played by Charlotte and Amy and was filmed in Jenny's (Producer) back garden with the illusion of the viewer thinking its in a park. I put an advert on casting call pro for the roles of Louise and Marie and as my budget was less than £100 i decided that the first people to enquire could have the roles - i didn't do a screen test, i just went off the profiles and liked what i saw.

The crew filming Amy & Charlotte for the park scene
The scene was shot in 3 takes - 1 wide - 1 Louise close - 1 Marie close and they were both faultless on all 3 takes - considering they had only acquired the script 4 days before filming it was amazing to watch such professionalism - if you've ever tried to act in front of a camera and read your lines in one go with no prompts, you will know what i mean. The short film is due for release around the end of March as its still in post production at present. This clips also needs some additional work on the sound but i just thought it would be nice to show two talented actresses.

Mark on camera and sound directing

Photography and Images provided by Jenny Wyatt

Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 5 Filming

We filmed this on the morning of September 29th 2012 and the opening scene is set in Eastern Europe. As this is a cash strapped production we arrived at Woodbank Park in Offerton nr Stockport and found a nice little quiet spot in order to shoot our footage - The wide shot which will eventually look like a war torn country was filmed from Werneth Low.

Werneth Low standing in for Eastern Europe Vista

Paul holding on to his weapon
Paul provided all the army gear, plus a plastic kids rifle that was sprayed matt black to look like the real thing - in the final film a few effects will be added to give the illusion.

Grant & Ash - "you look familiar mate"

In this scene i get to play 2 brothers Grant and Ash, the reason behind this was due to the fact we were let down by the actor who was originally to play Grant and we didn't have time to get a replacement. Hence i thought i would stand in and give it a go, after all how hard can it be.

This scene may not be used in the final film but we filmed it as a filler to pad out the storyline.

"Dug in like an alabama tick" - Sean as Mike Logan

Ash & Mike - "do our chins look big in this head gear"
 The reason our four army buddies are in the forest is to scout out a local building thought to contain a huge consignment of cash - Ash wants in so he can clear his debt and he has asked the help of Mac, Grant and Mike, but the plan goes pear shaped when they are compromised.

Ash gets down on one knee
"who left that banana skin" - Mark does a bit of stunt work

In the above shot -
bullet effects and blood splatter along with sound effects will be added digitally
to create the illusion of Ash being killed.

Sean thinks of his idol Jesse Ventura
 The opening sequence introduces the backgrounds of Mac, Mike, Grant and the sequence then follows into the main story of our thriller about the serial killer, who is loose in the Stockport Area. Ash is just used to add to the story and unfortunately he is taken out in the first 2 minutes.

Paul as Mac Stoddard - "which way is it"

All the images were taken from the actual film footage

A State of Heart - copyright 2012