Sunday, 21 April 2013

A State of Heart - The Trailer

A State of Heart - The Trailer

The above is the link to the trailer of our new short film A State of Heart which was written by myself, Mark Eckersley and Paul Stoddard and produced with the help of Jenny Wyatt.

We started making the film almost a year ago and due to other projects its taken until now to almost have the film completed - the entire running time is just under 17 mins. The whole film was shot on a single camera using multiple takes in Standard Definition and then edited and colour graded in an old version of Premiere 6.5 and the visual effects applied in After Effects courtesy of Action Essentials from Video CoPilot - I wanted to show people what can be achieved without using the latest technology.

The total cost of making this film is around £100.00 but this doesnt take into account the time ive spent in Post Production and on set, it just covers food, fuel, tapes, etc.

The music is all copyright free from either AKM Music in the UK or Video Copilot in the US.

This is my first short film in over 17 years and the last time i made and edited a short film it was all manual editing and tape to tape - digital editing gives you the power of the big players.

For a short film we have crammed a lot of scenes and actors into the story, which is one of the reasons its took so long to create - 6 days of filming and over 2 full weeks of editing.

The cast is as follows:
Paul Stoddard
Charlotte Smith
Amy Berry
Sean Falvey
Joe Falvey
Nat Whiles
Jordan Stoddard
Ashley Pitt
Jenny Wyatt
Jeni O'Callaghan
Nick Webb
Cerys Eckersley
Mark Eckersley

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