Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A State of Heart - the Park Scene

A State of Heart - the Park Scene
Filmed in May 2012 - first day of shooting

Here is the link to the actual film clip showing the scene and below
there are some stills of the actual shoot.

Charlotte & Amy being filmed - Sean on reflector

 This is part of a series of clips I'm putting on youtube of a forthcoming film I'm making called "A State of Heart".This scene is between Louise and Marie, played by Charlotte and Amy and was filmed in Jenny's (Producer) back garden with the illusion of the viewer thinking its in a park. I put an advert on casting call pro for the roles of Louise and Marie and as my budget was less than £100 i decided that the first people to enquire could have the roles - i didn't do a screen test, i just went off the profiles and liked what i saw.

The crew filming Amy & Charlotte for the park scene
The scene was shot in 3 takes - 1 wide - 1 Louise close - 1 Marie close and they were both faultless on all 3 takes - considering they had only acquired the script 4 days before filming it was amazing to watch such professionalism - if you've ever tried to act in front of a camera and read your lines in one go with no prompts, you will know what i mean. The short film is due for release around the end of March as its still in post production at present. This clips also needs some additional work on the sound but i just thought it would be nice to show two talented actresses.

Mark on camera and sound directing

Photography and Images provided by Jenny Wyatt

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