Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A State of Heart
started filming on May 12th this year.

Paul (Boom), Joe (Phone Box) and Mark on camera
filming just off Hillgate in Stockport

A short film based on the character Mac Stoddard, and ex soldier who has to track down and apprehend a local serial killer that is on the loose and has already attacked 5 women including his good friend Marie. Now the killer is going to target Mac's wife Louise, this time its personal.

Written by
Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard

Produced by Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard

Edited & Directed by Mark Eckersley

Paul Stoddard
Charlotte Smith
Amy Berry
Sean Falvey
Joe Falvey
Jenny Wyatt
Anthony Winstanley
Jordan Stoddard
Nat Whiles
Ashley Pitt
Cerys Eckersley

We have 3 more days of filming to go during July, August and September, then the long job of editing. Next year we hope to enter the film into a number of major film festivals.

Mark, Sean, Charlotte & Amy filming a park scene

Sean Falvey who plays Police officer Mike Logan holds the reflector to take the harsh sunlight of Charlotte & Amy.

Photography courtesy of
Jenny Wyatt

More news to follow

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