Monday, 13 August 2012

A State Of Heart - A Marlyn Pictures Film

Day 3 - A State of Heart
The third day of filming commenced with the final scene and a few interim scenes being shot - this isnt the end of filming though as im working back to front.

Part of the Cast were shown some of the footage already edited to make sure i am on the right tracks and the feedback was great.

Jenny was superb yet again for letting us use her house for filming and being a superb host and cooking some cracking pizzas for dinner - one in a million.

Paul as Mac Stoddard
, judge, jury and executioner for all the right reasons.

Mac's raced back home to save Louise, his wife from the Killer, Mike Logan,
a good friend of Mac's and detective investigating the case is also on route,
will they make it, time is running out for our hero's as the Killer stalks their prey.

Written & Produced by Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard.

A State of Heart 2012
Photography by Mark Eckersley

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