Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Marlyn Pictures - A State of Heart - day 4 filming at Prestige Fitness in Manchester

Day 4 filming of A State of Heart

Me (Mark) on camera and also playing the role of Major Grant as the original actor
wasnt able to fill the role due to reasons unknown. Sean aka Mike Logan is on boom
in the background.

Jenny (Producer) showing Paul who plays Mac how it should be done
"and dont call me babe"

how do you switch it on
We spent about 4  hours filming the Karate Club Scene
at Prestige Fitness in Manchester

44 Portland Street
M1 4GS


Jenny with a set of nunchaks

Short Synopsis of Scene
Mac arrives at the Karate Club to find Grant and Fletch arguing over a bracelet thats been found in the dojo - Grant who was also a Major alongside Mac in the marines is winding Fletch up, who claims the bracelet is his and that it must have fell from his bag and Grants found it, but Grant just says "Finders Keepers" in the end Mac asks Grant to give the bracelet back to Fletch of which he does saying he's juest messing with him and having a laugh. Grant leaves the dojo to go home and Mac explains to Fletch thats Grants a good man but he has just had too many knocks to the head in combat and he has seen a lot of action so its his way letting of steam by winging people up,Fletch responds with "if you say so"

Master Paul Stoddard as "Mac"

i will find you - Joe as " Fletch"

The Talented Mr Falvey
Photography by Jenny Wyatt & Mark Eckersley
A State of Heart

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